Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Spot On...!

So. . . today I was watching Shrek 2 which of course features a Fairygod Mother. Anyway long story short and through a bout of random inspiration I thought if I was granted one (or two or three...) pieces from any AW11 collection, what would they be? Well, after contemplating what my wardrobe would loathe most: be it the amazing graphic jumpers at Jil Sander or the Chloe python blouse/ midi skirt combo, I decided it had to be Stella McCartney! Not just the statement oversized blazers~ which I keep mentioning while somehow wishing one will magically float into my life~ but it was most definitely the part sheer/ part spotty dresses which stood out for me. Rihanna wore one to the Met Ball and Cheryl Cole to her latest birthday bash, and they are just so perfect! Revealing: Yes but elegant at the same time: Absolutely! Well since my life isn't a fairytale I may just have to hunt down a highstreet version. . . as always!

Images via Vogue.fr

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