Sunday, 28 August 2011

Style Envy. . .

Featured above is as we say in Ireland 'Yer Wan' from EPIC American Blog The Man Repeller. To say the girl has got style is an understatement! Check out her witty and fashion packed site at .

Friday, 26 August 2011

Prabal Gurung. . .

Through my daily browsing on and a much anticipated weekly await for the Best Dressed feature, I discovered Zoe Saldana looking amazing in a designer I have never heard of. . . Prabal Gurung. Love it! Not just the name, but this statement top and silk skirt. Its so hard to put my finger on a term to describe the tee. It reminds me of the sporty look Alexander Wang sported a few years back with the oversized cocoon tops paired with slouchy pants and skirts. Anyway, the look is bang on trend with jewell toned skirt and the colours look great together. Its relaxed and casual yet chic and effortless! Zoe Saldana is definately one to watch in the style stakes. Props to new designer to me, PG. You really do learn something new everyday. . .

Image via ~ Style Bistro ~

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

The Chanel Blues. . .

Chanel Les Jeans

For Vogue's Annual Fashion Night Out ~ held in top fashion capitals around the globe (including our very own Dublin this year!) Chanel have launched these amazing polishes: Les Jeans. The name really speaks for itself! Although this is a Chanel promoting post, at €25 each, they are a bit pricey but never fear as affordable polish brands always take cue from designer hues ! Barry M is my favourite brand as not only are the poilshes easy on the pocket at 4.50 beans, but they last for days and I mean daaaays! 'Blueberry Ice~Cream' and 'Cobalt Blue', below, are identical to Chanel's new collection shown, so who is not to know you are not working Chanel darling?

Barry M Cobalt Blue

Fashion Night Out commences on September 18th ... See for more info...

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Sunday, 21 August 2011

It's T-Shiiiiiirt Tiiiiiiiiime. . .

These 'Blaydin Deadly' neon tee's are by Dublin based designers PlainWhiteTShite. With hilarious Irish slogans such as 'Two Bottles of Bucky and a Packet of Tayto', 'Ah Jaysus' and 'Scarleh on Yer Granny for Havin Yer Ma' for Havin Ya', they will be the focus point and talking point of any outfit! At just €15, you'd be 'Bleedin Morto' not to order one from pronto. . .!

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Sac Attack. . .

ChloƩ AW11

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'All About...' Pixie's Look

I am just in love with Pixie Lott's new look, its so edgy! Not many people can pull off her cropped 'do, but with that face theres nothing on her! I'm a huge fan of the make~up in the video also, the glossy vamp lips are a steal I will be championing!

Monday, 15 August 2011

Alas! A Blog Post. . .

Haven't been blogging in yonks as I was away on a little trip to Dingle and as you can see it rained. . .well alot! Nonetheless I was delighted to get the wear out of my new A/wear vintage style cardigan! Perfect for those blustery days! . . .

Monday, 8 August 2011

LOOK and see what you will find. . .

Now I am a major Vogue fanatic. Every month I am always on que to pick up the latest fashion bible...! However in terms of weekly fashion mag buying, British fashion magazine LOOK is hands down one of my favourite mags out there. I call it the highstreet version of Vogue, well because it really is! At just less than €2.50 (half the price of Vogue btw!) we are bestowed with all the latest trends either in the form celeb pics, catwalk snapshots and store releases. My favourite part of the magazine is the section which dedicated to highstreet steals, which features clothes and accessories identical to designer looks. This is a saviour for me as obviously being a student, highend fashion is not necessarily within my price range! 
 Not only this but naturally enough I love all things to do with beauty and you guessed it theres always a great selection of beauty products, tried and tested by actual readers in parts! As for shoes and accessories well I can't even count the amount of times I've purchased items seen in LOOK~ and yes I do blame it for helping me splash the occasional cash...!

So just as I thought I couldn't love LOOK anymore, I found out they are holding a blogger's competition for their annual LOOK Fashion Show, which features front row appearances from fashion icons like Olivia Palermo,  performances from pop fashionistas such Diana Vickers and Alexis Jordan and catwalk struts from top models like Crystel Renn. Entry requires you to state why you should be at the front row, blogging all the
catwalk craziness happening~ of which I almost died when I heard the prize. So when there will undoubtedly be thousands of entries, why should I be chosen...?

Well to make it short and sweet: I set up my blog to express my views of fashion. I'm no professional, I've no qualifications in fashion (yet!) but I have individuality and that's what makes blogging so universal. Its personal. I'm an English and Art History student, with a dream of being a stylist and I'm going to fetch that dream with a passion! The girls who won the competition last year are so inspiring and their fashion dreams came true all thanks to LOOK, and I want to have the same faith as those who pursued their dreams too... x

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Taking Centre Stage. . .

After many months, even years of opting for the side parting I feel an urge coming on to switch to the middle! Don't say it doesn't make much of a difference. . .'cause it really does! From my observations, a centre part gives a more natural feel to the hair as most hairlines fall naturally in the centre anyway. Alexa Chung, Kate Bosworth and Vanessa Hudgens are a few examples of celebs taking centre stage and I will be joining them soon!

Images via Zimbio

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Spot On...!

So. . . today I was watching Shrek 2 which of course features a Fairygod Mother. Anyway long story short and through a bout of random inspiration I thought if I was granted one (or two or three...) pieces from any AW11 collection, what would they be? Well, after contemplating what my wardrobe would loathe most: be it the amazing graphic jumpers at Jil Sander or the Chloe python blouse/ midi skirt combo, I decided it had to be Stella McCartney! Not just the statement oversized blazers~ which I keep mentioning while somehow wishing one will magically float into my life~ but it was most definitely the part sheer/ part spotty dresses which stood out for me. Rihanna wore one to the Met Ball and Cheryl Cole to her latest birthday bash, and they are just so perfect! Revealing: Yes but elegant at the same time: Absolutely! Well since my life isn't a fairytale I may just have to hunt down a highstreet version. . . as always!

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