Monday, 8 August 2011

LOOK and see what you will find. . .

Now I am a major Vogue fanatic. Every month I am always on que to pick up the latest fashion bible...! However in terms of weekly fashion mag buying, British fashion magazine LOOK is hands down one of my favourite mags out there. I call it the highstreet version of Vogue, well because it really is! At just less than €2.50 (half the price of Vogue btw!) we are bestowed with all the latest trends either in the form celeb pics, catwalk snapshots and store releases. My favourite part of the magazine is the section which dedicated to highstreet steals, which features clothes and accessories identical to designer looks. This is a saviour for me as obviously being a student, highend fashion is not necessarily within my price range! 
 Not only this but naturally enough I love all things to do with beauty and you guessed it theres always a great selection of beauty products, tried and tested by actual readers in parts! As for shoes and accessories well I can't even count the amount of times I've purchased items seen in LOOK~ and yes I do blame it for helping me splash the occasional cash...!

So just as I thought I couldn't love LOOK anymore, I found out they are holding a blogger's competition for their annual LOOK Fashion Show, which features front row appearances from fashion icons like Olivia Palermo,  performances from pop fashionistas such Diana Vickers and Alexis Jordan and catwalk struts from top models like Crystel Renn. Entry requires you to state why you should be at the front row, blogging all the
catwalk craziness happening~ of which I almost died when I heard the prize. So when there will undoubtedly be thousands of entries, why should I be chosen...?

Well to make it short and sweet: I set up my blog to express my views of fashion. I'm no professional, I've no qualifications in fashion (yet!) but I have individuality and that's what makes blogging so universal. Its personal. I'm an English and Art History student, with a dream of being a stylist and I'm going to fetch that dream with a passion! The girls who won the competition last year are so inspiring and their fashion dreams came true all thanks to LOOK, and I want to have the same faith as those who pursued their dreams too... x

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