Wednesday, 8 June 2011

The Androgynous Side. . .

During my last semester in college before summer, we were learning about feminist writer Virginia Woolf and her theories concerning 'Androgyny'. Of course while our lecturer was expressing deep and psychological meanings of this term, I was thinking of Androgyny not in terms of literature but style ...(shock!) Im really fascinated by this look. In essence, it combines perfectly both masculine and feminine elements to create a most perfect harmony~ if its done right...! Yves Saint Laurent was arguably one of the first designers of the women's 'tuxedo' and changed the way women were to dress. . .forever?~I think so!

The Androgynous look is widely sported by many celebrities and my personal favourites are Alexa Chung (major shock!) Chloe Sevigny and Edie Campbell. I suppose you could describe this sort of boyish look as 'kooky'. What these style icons all have in common is that not only do they make their looks personal and unique, but their balance (take note~N.B term for this look..!) is puuurfect! So how do I get the balance right..? Well firstly to keep this masculine look feminine, its quite simple! To make sure that you don't entirely look like a boy, add pumps for a daytime look or heels for nightime. Perhaps keep the structure of the outfit masculine, yet let the colour show your feminine side. Pussy~bow blouses are great if you're not brave enough to master (dramatic much..!) the buttoned up shirt look. Scraping the hair back off your face in a bun and adding a pop of lipstick is another way to work that androgynous look. The most important thing you will need however~ and I'm sure you'll agree is. . . CONFIDENCE...! Wear the clothes and don't let them wear you! In the words of Dar-rell from that hilarious video Can I have your number??
Owwwn that collar! Work that buttoned-up do...!!

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