Monday, 3 October 2011

Stick to the Day Job Kanye. . .

Oh God. I am slightly speechless at Kanye West's debut SS12 fashion collection. Now I am a huge fan of Kanye. He makes great music. The originality in his songs and raps are top of the range. However he should really, REALLY stick to making music. Clearly there are hints of his R&B background in his collection, but to me his clothes just look tacky. The fur-lined tops, the low cut cleavage exposing and cut out dresses really showed me how cheap and 90's the collection is. Perhaps his debut line hasn't impressed me as its just not my style. However I do think that if any other designer (even Chanel!) produced this show I would slate it just as much as knowing its the first collection of an aspiring rap star designer- West. See this is where I have a real problem with celebrities. Just because they are loaded with millions, they can branch into any form of popular culture they like. They target every corner of the market and clearly it can be disastrous and disappointing. I may sound harsh, but its just my opinion. If I was to choose (or forced) into picking a favourite (most decent) outfit it would be this:

....which in fairness has a slightly Balmain-esque feel to it. However for me, Kanye should really just stick to the day job! What do you think...??

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